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Plant-Based Intermittent





Not all of us drive Lamborghinis and live in mansions. Instead, we are all living this life wanting to find our place, discover our passion, and live with purpose. That is the whole point of Logan Larson Fitness: to not only help you uncover your potential in the gym, but also the undiscovered power you have outside of it. Life is so much more than just training and nutrition. Life should be fun and you should be able to enjoy amazing foods with your friends and family.


I created Logan Larson Fitness to cut through the noise and “B.S.” of the fitness industry. I’m a certified fitness professional through NASM, while also studying Exercise Physiology. It's time to throw out stupid fad diets and incorporate a nutrition plan you won't hate.


Fitness isn’t my life, it’s my passion. I believe that there is a life worth living outside the gym, and that the key to health goes way beyond lifting weights. I honestly want to make the world a better place through fitness, and I want to help you. I know that all of us are capable of SO much more! I want to discuss real life situations and give solutions on how to get through them. All of this with one main goal in mind: provide you with the freedom to feel great about achieving your health goals, while not being forced to live a miserable life of nothing but tasteless foods and failed diets. 

It's my lifestyle not my life




Kyle S. | Lost Over 140lbs

It’s amazing to me how Personal Training improves my attitude and clears my mind to think creatively.      I can’t believe how much I’ve progressed working with Logan as a Personal Trainer. There’s so much to say about him that it will sound rehearsed, but Logan is great! He constantly seeks information to stay current on training styles and lifts. He listens to me to understand what I seek in training and adjusts his style to help me progress. He’s careful, observant and MOTIVATING.  I appreciate that because that keeps me from injury and pushes me to achieve my fitness goals beyond what I would do on my own."



Jordan L. | Lost 10lbs of Fat and Gained 10lbs of Muscle

I came to Logan because I couldn’t find anything that I could stick to and see the process through. This is where Logan made such an incredible difference. He created a workout plan that worked with my schedule, the facilities that I had access to (a lot of home workouts) and most importantly, helped with my nutrition plan.


Logan collaborates with you to make a plan that you CAN EXECUTE & SUSTAIN. He was understanding of what I was looking for, and crafted an execution plan that worked with my needs and desires. I couldn’t be happier of the decision I made to hire Logan to help me make the change that I wanted for so long. I only wish I would have done it sooner.



Tom S. | Lost 20lbs of fat and Gained 15lbs of Muscle

Wow what can I say about Logan! He’s absolutely changed my life. I came to him a little Skeptical because I was 47 at the time and I’m thinking what does this kid know about my body at this age but he’s very smart, friendly, and he really  listened to me and my concerns. He came up with a program specifically for someone my age. He has completely changed my body. I never thought at 48 I could look like this. His workouts are never boring and always challenging . I really look forward to seeing him, and I now consider him a friend. He’s patient and just an all around great guy.

If you want to take your body to the next level call Logan.


i felt lost



We all start somewhere, and this was mine. I grew up neither athletic or coordinated. However, I was determined to achieve the body of dreams no matter what. I began lifting weights and reading every forum, magazine, and bodybuilding article I could get my hands on.